Lesson 3 – How to make a law

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Objective: To understand what a law is and to discuss different views on the laws of the UK


All students will gain a knowledge of how bill become laws

Some students will be able to explain why some laws are important and whether the laws chould change


1. Complete worksheet what sort of country do you want to live in – fill in a table with statements showing whetehr you agree or disagree with them

Sort of Country

2. Read through information on how laws are made


3. In groups of 4 – 5 come up with a sensible proposal to make a law. For example

“No animals should be used in experimentation or testing”

“Students should stay at school until they are 18”

“Cyclists should pay road tax”

4. In the groups come up with 3 – 4 supporting arguments / evidence for why your bill should become law

5. Debate each bill – allow time for each groups to present reasons why they think the bill should be a law

6. At the end of all the debates allow the class to vote on whether each bill should become law or not