Objective: To have an understanding of the development of the political system of democratic government in the United Kingdom, including the roles of citizens, Parliament and the monarch


All students to have a knowledge of the history of parliament

Some students to consider the implications of some of the issues that arose during the development of parliament




This is a very complicated topic. There are lots of areas that could contain far more detail – and also areas that are very difficult to understand! I have put the main key events in a power point along with some relevant questions. It is hard to do a set lesson format as different groups will take different times to complete the work

The History of Parliament

There is also a student timeline that you may want enlarged onto A3 paper

The Parliament Timeline

There are many areas where you might want to spend more time on a event such as “the gun powder plot” or “the civil war” you could even have a little section on “William Wallace” – Braveheart!

Extra Resources

Some useful links are here that will help you


This site contains video clips, lesson plans and fact files such as


Interactive timeline here